Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #3 (September 12, 1987)

Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #3 (September 12, 1987)

As already noted earlier in the countdown, soccer is a sport dominated by defense, so goals are normally at a premium. If every goal scored were comparable to a touchdown, then scoring 10 goals would be more akin to a 70-point explosion in American football. In today's version of college football, 70 points are more common than it was a decade ago, but 100 points? That hasn't been seen at the major college level in 50 years. The Moccasins have done the soccer equivalent of that much more recently, however, and it occurred on September 12, 1987, in a 16-0 win over Florida Bible College.

Yes, 16-0 is correct. It's a scoring record that will likely never be broken at Florida Southern, with 13 the next closest number on the list. The Mocs have done that twice since then in wins over Warner Southern in 1989 and Southeastern in 1998, but it's hard to imagine them ever scoring 16 again. The Florida Southern record book is filled with numbers from that game, but it's probably (hopefully?) been forgotten by anyone from Florida Bible College. The school, which was located in nearby Poinciana, ceased operations in the 90s after a brief move to south Florida, and though it was resurrected in 2016, Florida Bible no longer offers an athletic program. It may be for the best, but without the Saints, the Moccasin record book would not be as interesting.

The historic game at Barnett Field was not the first between the two schools. They had played twice in 1986 with the Moccasins winning 10-1 on the road and 4-0 at home, and their third meeting was '87 season opener. It didn't take long for the game to get out of hand. Bobby Pineiro scored the first goal 3:04 into the match, Steve Lose scored the second at the 11:48 mark, and Pineiro scored again less than a minute later. There was a 10-minute lull after that, but when the scoring started again in the 23rd minute, the only thing that briefly halted the carnage was the halftime whistle.

The Moccasins' lead jumped from 3-0 to 7-0 when they scored four goals in the span of two minutes and 20 seconds, three of them inside of a minute. Two of those came off the foot of Lose, who set an NCAA record that still stands by needing just eight seconds to score back-to-back goals. David Smith, who had already scored once that day, scored the eighth goal in the 33rd minute, Rob Pursell added one in the 37th, and the Mocs hit double digits when Chris Neri found the back of the net in the 44th. They added one more before halftime when Keith Spresser scored with 11 seconds on the clock.

Starting the second half with an 11-0 lead, the only question left to be answered was at what point the Florida Southern scoring record would be broken. It had stood since a 13-0 win over Flagler in 1973, but it fell with 7:30 remaining against Florida Bible College when Spresser scored his second goal of the day to make it 14-0. The Moccasins added two more after that for the final margin. At the time, the 16 goals were the second most ever scored in a Division II soccer game.

Ten different Moccasins scored in that game, with Pineiro and Lose each recording a hat trick in their first college game. (Lose had his in the first 25 minutes.) Another freshman almost had another hat trick with David Smith scoring two goals and adding one assist off the bench. Spresser, a junior defender with only two goals in his first two seasons, also scored twice. The other six goals came from Pursell, Neri, Shane Hassett, Alan Black, Barrett Schiwitz, and Jason Cross. Pursell played a role in four goals by assisting three others in addition to the one he scored, while Jay Sumner and Chuck Remick each had two assists. Altogether, 15 players had at least one point.

The box score from that game showed the Moccasins out-shot the Saints 47-1, though the shots are not a school record. (A person by the name of Jerry Jacques took that shot for the Saints, by the way, and we would love to speak to him.) The Mocs have taken 51 shots on two occasions and had another game with 48. They've even had two games without allowing a shot, so while the one shot Florida Bible did take set a record at the time, it has since been eclipsed twice. The 16 goals, 15 assists, 47 points, and margin of victory remain Florida Southern records, however, as are the 15 different players with a goal or an assist.

One other item of note from that game involved Florida Southern junior goalkeeper Tim Moore. He had led the country in total saves and saves per game the previous season with a 10.53 average, and eventually finished his career with over 500, but did not have to make any against Florida Bible College. He split one of the easiest shutouts the Mocs have ever had with Richard Kowarick as neither goalkeeper had to make a save.

Though the 16 goals were the second most in Division II history at the time, trailing only the 18 scored by Missouri-St. Louis in a game against Central Methodist in 1974, seven other teams have surpassed the Mocs' total since then, and eight others have matched it. One of those was Tampa in a 16-0 win over Florida College (no relation) in 2008. The Division II single-game scoring record is now held by the University of the District of Columbia, which beat Lincoln (PA) 21-0 in 2001.

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