Esports Weekly Recap: Hearthstone Opens 2019 Season

Esports Weekly Recap: Hearthstone Opens 2019 Season

LAKELAND, FL - Florida Southern College Hearthstone split two games in their 2019 opening week in this edition of the Esports Weekly Recap. Check out every Monday this spring for weekly recaps of Moccasin esports. 


  • Monday, Feb. 18 - Hearthstone vs. Grand Canyon - W, 3-0
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19 - Overwatch vs. Full Sail - L, 1-2
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19 - Hearthstone vs. Full Sail - L, 2-3
  • Saturday, Feb. 23 - League of Legends vs. Texas - Rio Grande Valley - W, 2-0
  • Saturday, Feb. 23 - Overwatch vs. Coker (Varsity Round of 64) - W, 3-0
  • Saturday, Feb. 23 - Overwatch vs. SCAD (Varsity Round of 32) - L, 0-3
  • Sunday, Feb. 24 - Overwatch vs. Florida (Regional League Playoffs) - W, 3-0
  • Sunday, Feb. 24 - Overwatch vs. Coker (Regional League Playoffs) - L, 0-3


W, 3-0 vs. Grand Canyon

  • The Moccasins brought Even Warlock, Deathrattle Hunter, Control Priest and OTK DK Paladin. The Antelopes brought Togwaggle Druid, Cube Warlock, Deathrattle Hunter and Wall Priest. The Moccasins banned Wall Priest and the Antelopes banned OTK DK Paladin.
    • FSC Even Warlock vs. GCU Togwaggle Druid
    • The Mocs pressured the board early with Mountain Giants to win game one.
    • FSC Deathrattle Hunter vs. GCU Togwaggle Druid
    • The Mocs had poor draw early game but were able to provide immense pressure to the Togwaggle Druid with a turn nine Oondasta play.
    • FSC Control Priest vs. GCU Togwaggle Druid

L, 2-3 vs. Full Sail

    • FSC Even Paladin vs. Full Sail Secret Odd Mage
    • FSC Even Paladin vs. Full Sail Control Priest
    • FSC Odd Quest Warrior vs. Full Sail Control Priest [FSC WIN]
    • FSC Even Warlock vs. Full Sail Odd Quest Warrior
    • FSC Even Warlock vs. Full Sail Control Priest


L, 1-2 vs. Full Sail

Map One - Nepal

  • Nepal is a control map.
  • The Mocs struggled on the first round of Nepal, losing 100% to 0%.
  • Round two saw the Mocs push back. The Moccasins lost the first capture of the objective, but retook the point to win the round 100% to 30%.
  • The final round ended in a 99% to 99% overtime between both teams, with the Armada winning the final fight because of individual mistakes from the Moccasins.
  • Nepal Final: 2-1 Armada

Map Two - Hollywood

  • Hollywood is a hybrid map.
  • After a successful defense holding the Armada to two points, the Mocs captured the first objective and scored their first point of the game on their first team fight. The second objective was difficult for the Mocs until they used their ultimates after losing a fight to the Armada to push a second time and earn the objective.
  • After evening up the score, Florida Southern only needed to pass the point that Full Sail achieved one round earlier. With one final teamfight, they did just that, winning the map.

Map Three - Volskaya Industries

  • Volskaya Industries is an assualt map.
  • The Armada had a dominant performance, holding the Mocs to only two point to their three points.

Playoffs Recap

  • The Moccasins went 1-1 in the Spring Varsity Playoffs beating Coker College and falling to SCAD. While this season is over, the Overwatch team will continue practicing for the fall 2019 season and compete in other tournaments in the second half of the spring 2019 semester.


W, 2-0 vs. Texas - Rio Grande Valley

  • Texas - Rio Grande Valley forfeited the match. The LoL team is currently 3-2 in the 2019 season.


  • Monday, Feb. 25 - Hearthstone vs. Utah - 9 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26 - Hearthstone vs. North Texas - 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, March, 2 - League of Legends vs. T.B.A. - 4 p.m.

All matches will be broadcasted on the Florida Southern College Twitch channel.