Esports Weekly Recap: Overwatch Defeats High Point

Esports Weekly Recap: Overwatch Defeats High Point

LAKELAND, FL - The Florida Southern College Overwatch split two games and League of Legends struggled against Virginia in this edition of the Esports Weekly Recap. Check out every Monday this spring for weekly recaps of Moccasin esports. 


  • Tuesday, Feb. 12 - Overwatch vs. High Point - W, 2-0
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13 - Overwatch vs. SCAD - L, 0-2
  • Saturday, Feb. 16 - League of Legends vs. Virginia - L, 0-2 


W, 2-0 vs. High Point

Map One - Lijiang Tower

  • Lijiang Tower is a control map.
  • Round one saw the Moccasins win the first capture of the control point. The Mocs were roughly 40% of the way to winning the round before the Panthers counterattacked and captured the point. The Mocs recaptured the objective and won the round.
  • Lijiang Final: 2-0 Mocs

Map Two: Hollywood

  • Hollywood is a hybrid map.
  • The Mocs were on offense first and captured the first objective to score a point in the first minute of the game. The Moccasins struggled for four minutes to escort the payload until just under a minute left where the Mocs mustered up a final team push and won the objective. With the extra time earned Florida Southern secured all points possible on the offensive round.
  • High Point had a quick capture of the first objective on their offensive turn, but progressing to the second objective posed the same issue that the Mocs encountered on their offensive round. The Mocs held their ground and stopped the Panther advances to the second objective.
  • Florida Southern won the map 3-1, and the match, 2-0.

L, 0-2 vs. SCAD

Map One - Ilios 

  • Bees won map one, 2-1

Map Two - Hollywood

  • On defense, the Moccasins were able to defend the first objective for roughly two minutes before the Bees advanced to the escort phase of the round. SCAD posed high threats to Florida Southern with highly-skilled dps players getting multiple eliminations on the Mocs supports. The Bees were able to push to the third and final objective with roughly two minutes left on the clock.
  • On offense, the Moccasins got an early kill on one of SCAD dps players and nearly won the first objective before the Bees forced back the Moccasins to their spawn. For the remaining time, the Mocs struggled to advance and claim the first objective as the Bees pushed the Mocs back to their spawn or forced them to regroup repeatedly.
  • Bees won the map 3-0, and the match, 2-0.
  • "The focus and team play just wasn't there during our match against SCAD," head coach Nate Carson said. "We had a much different performance than we did the day before against High Point University. We have to work on our day-to-day consistency of play."


L, 0-2 vs. Virginia

  • The Mocs drafted a well-rounded team in game one with a high-damage mid-laner and ADC. The Moccasins were even in gold and were able to secure the early objectives of first tower and first dragon. As the game progressed, the Mocs began to make several individual mistakes that allowed Virgina's Vayne to take advantage in fights. After one final lost fight, Virginia team pushed down mid-lane and won game one.

  • In game two Florida Southern had a rough start, giving Yasuo four kills in the first 10 minutes. With a team composition that supported the risky playstyle of a Yasuo, Virginia was able to force multiple fights and utilize Yasuo's gold lead to eliminate the weakest players on the Moccasins. Around 30 minutes in, Virginia destroyed the Florida Southern inhibitor tower and utilized their ultimate abilities' synergies to win one last fight and push to win. Virginia won the series 2-0.

  • "We played extremely well in both games but fell apart due to weaknesses in the team composition, and the Virginia adc carrying their team to victory in teamfight damage," Carson said. "We can learn a lot from these games. In many ways, we outplayed Virginia, but individual errors accumulated and led to two defeats."


  • The Mocs will open the 2019 season on Monday against Grand Canyon.


  • Monday, Feb. 18 - Hearthstone vs. Grand Canyon - 9 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19 - Overwatch vs. High Point - 8 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19 - Hearthstone vs. Full Sail - 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 23 - League of Legends vs. Texas - Rio Grande Valley - 4 p.m.

All matches will be broadcasted on the Florida Southern College Twitch channel.