Esports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Improves to 2-1

Esports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Improves to 2-1

LAKELAND, FL - The Florida Southern College League of Legends team improved to 2-1 on the season while the Overwatch team struggled against Central Florida in this edition of the Esports Weekly Recap. Check out every Monday this spring for weekly recaps of Moccasin Esports. 



  • Tuesday, Feb. 5 - Overwatch vs. Central Florida - L, 0-2
  • Wednesday, Feb. 6 - Overwatch vs. South Carolina - L, 1-2
  • Saturday, Feb. 9 - League of Legends vs. Arkansas - W, 2-0 (FORFEIT)




L, 0-2 vs. Central Florida


Map One - Ilios

  • Ilios is a control map.
  • UCF dominated in round one with the initial capture of the objective and were able to hold it to 100% by utilizing a very powerful pharah & mercy character combination.
  • Round two saw Florida Southern contest the first capture of the point but eventually reset as a team and and switch to offense.
  • The Gaming Knights were 30% short of finishing the round and map one when the Mocs started a teamfight that allowed them to capture the point. The Gaming Knights were able to regroup and take out the Mocs - recapturing the point and winning round two.
  • Ilios Final: 2-0 UCFGK

Map Two: Hollywood

  • Hollywood is a hybrid map.
  • On defense the Mocs were able to hold the first objective for three minutes before the Gaming Knights took the tempo of their first-objective win and snowballed through the payload checkpoints to complete their offensive round with their minutes remaining.
  • The Mocs on offense struggled to group up and push to win the first objective as the Gaming Knights pushed them back to their spawn point. With two minutes remaining, Florida Southern had a near-perfect teamfight allowing them to take the first objective and commence the escort portion of their offensive attempt. The Moccasins dominated their way to the second checkpoint scoring a second point but their slow start made it difficult to make it to the final checkpoint and finish the round.
  • UCFGK won the map 3-2, and the match 2-0.




W, 2-0 vs. Arkansas


  • Florida Southern won 2-0 on Saturday after Arkansas forfeited the match.
  • The win gives the Moccasins their first winning record (2-1) in program history. The League of Legends team is now ranked No. 26 in the South Region.




  • The 2019 schedule has been finalized for the Hearthstone competitive season. The Mocs will play on Monday and Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. for seven weeks starting on Feb. 18. Stay tuned to for updates on opponents.




  • Tuesday, Feb. 12 - Overwatch vs. High Point - 8 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13 - Overwatch vs. SCAD - 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 16 - League of Legends vs. TBA - 4 p.m.

All matches will be broadcasted on the Florida Southern College Twitch channel.