eSports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Falls to Alabama

eSports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Falls to Alabama
LAKELAND, FL - The Florida Southern College eSports program opened its spring campaigns this past week with the start of the Overwatch and League of Legends seasons. Check out every Friday this spring for weekly recaps of Moccasin eSports. 


  • Monday, Jan. 21 (League of Legends) - L, 2-0 vs. Alabama


L, 2-0 vs. Alabama

  • Both the Florida Southern and Alabama teams entered the season having athletes in the top two percent of all players.
  • Game one saw Florida Southern draft a powerful lineup. Alabama took the first kill of the game but the Mocs took control and led the game until the 15-minute mark by roughly 2,000 gold. The late-game saw the Moccasins push to kill Baron but a miscommunication caused Florida Southern to die at Baron, allowing Alabama to snowball and win the game.
  • Florida Southern fell behind early in game two with Alabam holding a 6,000 gold lead at the 20-minute mark. The Mocs closed the gold lead gap by 4,000 but the could not win a 4 vs. 4 fight with the tanky Crimson Tide lineup. Alabama took Baron and destroyed the Nexus to win the game and match.
  • "I believe we executed our macro/team play better than Alabama, but they scaled into a much later-game and protective team composition that we, unfortunately, played into," head coach Nate Carson said. "We drafted a team for the early game and split pushing potential, but our mid and top lane either fell behind or went even in gold, and we failed to get ahead early."  


  • The Moccasins had a bye for week one of Varsity competition.
  • Overwatch will play their first match of the season on Tuesday, Jan. 29 against an opponent to be announced.


  • The Hearthstone season has been postponed until February.